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At JBS Water our experienced staff provides consulting services specifically designed to improve water accountability and optimize earned water utility revenue. The firm was organized in its present structure in 1988 and is headquartered in Houston, Texas.

JBS staff did not become “experts” over-night.  Each staff member has over 30 years of extensive water industry experience facilitating clients in their efforts to reduce Non Revenue Water (NRW). Utilizing our insight, unbiased perspectives, and know-how gained through years of service to the industry, it can be said that JBS Water, Inc. is truly a firm of “experienced water accountability specialists.”

Headed by James B. Smith and James A. Schiele, the firm delivers proven, professional services developed through extensive work in a broad range of large and small water utility systems. 



Mr. Smith has 40 years of extensive experience in water distribution system studies, including water audits, meter audits, leakage surveys, and water and sewer rate adjustments. His diverse professional experience includes employment with the private sector and government agencies while working on four continents. 

He has progressively developed and modified programs dealing with water efficiency and meter management concepts. In recent years he has been closely analyzing the growth and development of AMI technologies in our industry, developing a unique insight into their implementation.

He has presented training programs to over 8,000 people in the United States, Canada, Southeast Asia, Central and South America.


VICE President 

Mr. Schiele has over 35 years of water industry experience in Europe, North and South America, as well as South East Asia. He has acquired wide experience in NRW consulting services, water loss analysis, leakage surveys, training.  His expertise includes flow measurement, subsurface pipeline surveys, development of in-house water loss recovery programs, instrumentation for leak detection, data logging and pipe locating.

Since Mr. Schiele joined the JBS Water consulting group and he has participated in the management, development, and supervision of water audits and leak detection projects in the United States, Brazil, Mexico, Panama, and the Philippines.  During his career, he has presented well-received papers on subjects related to water loss recovery both nationally and internationally.

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