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The innovative approaches, techniques and methods employed by JBS to identify and quantify distribution system NRW have been developed and refined for over 30 years. These proven techniques have been applied in completing hundreds of projects worldwide.

In recent years we have seen the introduction of new terminology for water loss. Although the tools and instrumentation have advanced technologically, the underlying causes of NRW and their solutions have not changed.

Production Meter Accuracy

The first step in the JBS Water Audit is the verification of total water produced to obtain the benchmark data against which all other water use is measured.  Production meters are tested in-place for accuracy. 

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Apparent Losses -

Meter Application & Sizing

Analysis of historical meter reading and billing data is the best method that will identify the various categories of apparent losses associated with meters, meter reading, and billing issues.  All metered accounts are thoroughly analyzed and all components of the meter reading and billing cycles are reviewed.  Authorized unbilled water use and its impact on overall NRW is examined.

The volume of water loss associated with metering is almost always lower than the volume associated with Real Losses. However, the “direct cost” of Apparent Losses has a value of multiples greater than that of Real Losses. The JBS Meter Analysis will provide direction in meter selection and replacement with an objective review of the cost-effectiveness of different meter technologies.

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It is not uncommon for 5% of the customers to record 50% of the water use or more.  The JBS Meter Analysis identifies, sizing issues, meter installation and application problems directly affecting large meter accounts and offers cost-effective solutions for the client.

Real Losses & District Measurements

In the JBS Water Audit, Real Losses are assessed by a combination of District Measurements and a Line Break Analysis to identify areas suspect for a high incidence of leakage.

DMA-heat map 2.jpg

With the results of the JBS Water Audit, as much as 50% to 80% of the distribution network can be eliminated from costly leak surveys.  


These results help establish cost-effective priorities for follow-on leak detection surveys and for the anticipated replacement of water distribution mains and service lines. This analysis also provides insight into the volumes of Real Loss recovered by the client’s on-going line maintenance activities and potential volumes to be recovered through the implementation of our recommendations.

Leak Detection & Location

JBS Water utilizes state of the art leak detection technology and experienced professional skills in our surveys. We conduct surveys to detect water distribution system leaks by use of advanced electronic leak detection sounding equipment and correlating leak noise loggers. Locations detected are verified on a second occasion to confirm any leaks and report them to the client for repair. 

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Incidental observations concerning the water system are recorded along with photographic evidence and summary details of the leaks detected and repaired. A detailed Final Report is submitted describing the work undertaken, the results obtained, observations concerning the water system surveyed and recommendations for the further development of leak reduction practices.




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